Slow Cooker Ribs Recipe

This slow cooker ribs recipe is easy and quick to prepare. The apple and apricots go well with crockpot pork ribs giving the sauce a deep fruity flavour. I served these slow cooker pork ribs with a kind of thick raita made from grated cucumber, potato and carrot mixed with yoghourt. A simple and easy alternative would be to use coleslaw. Serving them on a bed of rice would be fine as well, and the rice would soak up the sauce.

If you like, you can take the ribs out of the slow cooker, drizzle them with a little of the sauce and glaze them in a hot oven for 15 minutes. While the ribs are out, thicken the rest of the sauce with a teaspoon of cornflour.



Preparation time:

Ten minutes

slow cooker ribs

Ingredients for this Slow Cooker Ribs Recipe

Two pounds (1 kg.) of pork ribs
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 chopped onion
1 peeled and chopped cooking apple
A handful of dried apricots
3 tsp worcester sauce
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp ground ginger
salt and black pepper to taste

Cooking Method for this Slow Cooker Ribs Recipe

Put the ribs in the slow cooker with the onion, apple and dried apricots.
Mix the sugar, vinegar, worcester sauce, mustard and ginger in a jug, adding enough hot water to dissolve the sugar.
Pour over the ribs, and add a little more water until the ribs are almost covered
Cook for seven hours on low, or three and a half hours on high.

Slow Cooker Ribs Tips

Because this recipe contains sugar, cleaning up is easier if you lightly oil the crockpot or use a cooking spray.

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Slow Cooker Pork Tips

Value cuts of pork to ask for are:
Head, or cheeks: pig's cheeks are excellent, very cheap, and easy to handle.
Collar or Neck End: Comes from the back of the neck and can be used for steaks, chops or a joint.
Feet or trotters: Unfashionable, but come out of a slow cooker tender and juicy.
Chump: From the hip of the animal. Sold as chops, steaks and small joints.
Hock: The upper part of foreleg. A cheap cut full of flavour.
Ribs: Slow cooker pork ribs are a very popular dish.
Shoulder: Cheap, richly flavoured and great in pork roast recipes for crockpot.

In a fridge, small pieces of pork or pork mince will keep for one or two days. Large joints will keep for as long as five days (Check the use by date).

Pork intended for freezing should be frozen as soon as possible and used within six months.

Remove packing, place pork on a covered plate and defrost in the fridge, allowing five hours for every pound (500 gms.) of meat.

Keep cooked pork in the fridge and use within two days.

Never add salt if you're using stock cubes for the stock. They are already salty. Taste before serving.
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