Crockpot Rice Pudding

Crockpot rice pudding is quick and simple to prepare and much smoother in texture than if cooked in an oven.

No skin will form on the top of a slow cooker rice pudding, which is a pity for those that like the skin, but most people don't.

For those cooks trying to avoid high fat content, cooking spray can be substituted for the butter, and evaporated milk for the cream. I'd be reluctant to use low fat milk because the result is too thin.



Preparation time:

Five Minutes

crockpot rice pudding

Ingredients for Crockpot Rice Pudding

3 oz. (75 gm) Pudding Rice
2 oz. (50 gm) Fine sugar (caster)
1.25 pints ( 0.5 litre) full cream milk
Quarter of a pint of single cream (150 ml)
A tablespoon of butter
Nutmeg or vanilla for flavouring

Cooking Method

Coat the bottom of the cooking pot and half way up the sides with butter.

Add the rice, sugar, milk, cream and any flavourings; then stir well.

Cook for four to five hours on low, or for two to three hours on high.

Crockpot Rice Pudding Tips

Check in the last hour of cooking to see if more milk is needed.

I thought on one occasion that it would be a nice idea to add dried fruit. The milk curdled. The result was very tasty, but was closer to bread and butter pudding than rice pudding. The answer is to cook fruit separately and add while serving.

Your Favourite Dessert Recipe

Do you have a favourite slow cooker Dessert recipe? Share it!

Dessert Tips

Cake Tips

Cover cake with a lid of kitchen towels which help to absorb excess moisture. Don't use a cake tin lid or foil which will keep the moisture in.

Lining the crockpot with foil or greased paper will make it easier to get the cake out in one piece.

Slightly raise the lid of the crock pot with a matchstick, cocktail stick or something similar. Again, this is to allow excess moisture to escape.

Start cakes off at the high setting for a couple of hours, then see how they are doing by pushing a skewer into the mix. If it comes out clean, the cake's cooked.

Pudding Tips

Avoid aluminium pudding bowls when cooking fruit because the acid in the fruit will react with the metal.

Canned fruit only has to be cooked for about an hour on high.

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