Crock Pot Corn Chowder and Slow Cooker Corn Chowder

Crock pot corn chowder is something half way between a soup and a stew. If you can't find a can of creamed sweetcorn in your local store, don't worry. I couldn't either.

You can cream your own sweetcorn with a hand blender - it just adds a few minutes to the preparation time.



Preparation time:

Ten Minutes

Crock Pot Corn Chowder

Ingredients for Crock Pot Corn Chowder

A 1 lb. can (450 gms.) of Creamed Corn
Six ounces (150 gms.) of frozen Sweetcorn
Ten ounces (300 gms.) of Potato
An onion
A knob of butter
Black Pepper
Eight ounces (250 gms) of Bacon

Cooking Method

If you can't find a can of creamed sweetcorn, substitute a pound of frozen corn, simmer for ten minutes and cream it with an electric hand blender.

Dice the potato, onion and bacon into small pieces and add to the crockpot.

Add the creamed corn, sprinkle pepper, stir and cook for seven hours on low.

Defrost the rest of the corn while the chowder is cooking, and stir it in with the knob of butter half an hour before the end of cooking.


Buying sliced bacon for crock pot corn chowder is extravagant. Most stores sell "cooking bacon" much cheaper. Cooking bacon is the last bit of the joint that won't fit through the slicer.

Be careful adding salt, the bacon is already salty.

Do You Have a Favourite Recipe for This?

Do you have a favourite slow cooker recipe for this? Would you like to share it?

Slow Cooker Soup Tips

Sometimes a slow cooker soup recipe will need to be thickened before serving. If the basis of the soup contains peas, lentils, root vegetables or beans, pureeing the soup with a hand blender will thicken it.

The easiest way to thicken other types of soup is to use cornflour, (cornstarch). Put a teaspoon of cornflour in a cup, add a little cold water, mix well and stir into the soup and wait a few minutes. If it's still not thick enough, repeat.

Rice, cornmeal, breadcrumbs, bulgar wheat and arrowroot can also be used for thickening soups.

Spinach, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli and artichokes are best avoided in slow cooker soups as they can taste bitter.

Added flavour can be achieved by roasting or frying meat and vegetables before using.

Soups look more attractive served with croutons, a whirl of cream or fresh chopped herbs sprinkled on top.

If a soup is too acid, it can be sweetened with a little sugar or honey.

Wine, if used, should be stirred into the soup shortly before serving.

Don't add more salt if using stock cubes. For a soup that is too salty, adding an uncooked, peeled potato for the last half hour will absorb salt. Remove potato before serving.

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